What is PUX anyway?

PUX is Product & UX. PUX is a Tamedia-service. And PUX is helps some of the biggest Swiss brands to build better products.

Now that's a lot of blah. Let's try to explain in depth. Tamedia reaches around 80 percent of the Swiss population with its online platforms. Its growth is also powered by active international expansion. In all those markets, millions of users expect unrivaled experiences. Tamedia owns or is invested in many well known companies and brands. These companies have amazing product teams, but sometimes they need support. Be it a specialist who's focused on growth or research, be it because they need to speed up. And that's where we come in.

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This is us. We love cats.

PUX is a fast growing team in startup mode of 12-plus UX- and product-people who can swoop in, listen, help, run, manage, research, grow, design, prototype and consult. We even smile, from the first ideation sessions to successful product launches, and all the way to growing and scaling existing products. Yes, we are many things. But one thing we’re not is conventional. We work hard and we laugh loud too. We are PUX.

People at PUX

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The stuff we do

Our interdisciplinarity is what makes us unique. We are UX-Designer with many years of experience in service design, UX-Researchers with expertise in machine-human interaction, Growth-Manager who know how to look beyond borders and Product Managers who manage the innovation processes with an eye for details and an sixth sense for success.

What we do

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Become part of our Usability Lab

Are you interested in testing features for Ricardo, Tutti, Doodle and others, and help us develop new ones? Register as a tester and lend a hand in improving their products. You will receive an invite for a short test or interview from time to time and can decide to take part. Everything is voluntary and you can choose not to take part in tasks at any time - we'll stay friends, we promise!

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