Social Media Marketing: Tamedia is investing in the Picstars sponsor marketplace

Tamedia is investing in the Picstars sponsor marketplace and supporting the continued development of this platform for talents, events and brands. Picstars is engaged in the marketing of the social media coverage of talents and event visitors.

Zurich, 21 September 2017 – With Picstars companies are finding suitable talents to serve as brand ambassadors and communicate photo/video and hashtag campaigns, product placements and real-time advertising campaigns for a particular brand via their own social media channels. The companies can create campaigns, search for appropriate ambassadors for their brand and establish a campaign budget in the Picstars cockpit. The businesses benefit from the qualitative social media coverage of the talents and are able to monitor the success of their promotions live in the Picstars cockpit. The earnings of the brand ambassadors are based on performance according to the interactions achieved by their social media postings. The Picstars app can also be used for events, for example, to distribute fan campaigns directly via the event visitors’ social media channels. The Zürcher Kantonalbank as well as the venture capital platform are the other investors besides Tamedia.  


Picstars is currently focusing on promising young athletes who are actively using social media and achieving a considerable coverage and substantial interactions with their postings to act as brand ambassadors. Mark Sandmeier, CEO and co-founder of Picstars, is also a co-founder of the job portal, one of the most successful online platforms in Switzerland: “We are delighted with Tamedia’s investment. This enables us to access significant know-how in the future and Tamedia is also a strong partner in the field of marketing.”


Marco Gasser, Chief Sales Officer at Tamedia Advertising: “The investment in Picstars allows us to offer an exciting new advertising opportunity on social media platforms to our advertising customers, which satisfies a growing need.”


Samuel Hügli, a member of Tamedia’s Management Board and Head of Technology & Ventures: “With its business model, Picstars meets the current trend in the influencer marketing environment and provides an exciting innovation. We are pleased to be an active part of this. Furthermore, the founders of this start-up are a highly experienced and successful team.”


Simon Marquard, Digital Communication Manager Tamedia

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