Finanz und Wirtschaft launches «Invest» investment product

With its FuW Risk Portfolio, the investment and business newspaper Finanz und Wirtschaft has been recommending specific investments to its readers since 1995.  Investors can now benefit directly from the know-how of the editorial team with a tracker certificate on the FuW Risk Portfolio Index.

Zurich, 18 January 2019 – Investors can now benefit directly from the expertise of the editorial team of the Finanz und Wirtschaft business newspaper. The newspaper has been publishing investment recommendations in the FuW Risk Portfolio since 1995. The FuW Risk Portfolio Index tracks the performance of the underlying stocks. 

Together with the issuer Leonteq, Finanz und Wirtschaft now offers investors the transparent and cost-efficient option of adding the FuW Risk Portfolio to their portfolio by buying an exchange-traded tracker certificate. When selecting the portfolio components, the FuW editorial team focuses primarily on undervalued Swiss equities with a higher risk, aiming to earn a better yield in the medium term than the Swiss Performance Index. The composition of the Index is reviewed quarterly by the Index Committee, which was established particularly for this purpose. The Index Committee consists of the Finanz und Wirtschaft editor-in-chief, editorial department heads and the respective editors.

The portfolio currently comprises the following: 

  • Swiss Re (12.88%)
  • Huber+Suhner (11.21%)
  • Swatch Group (10.24%)
  • Ypsomed (8.49%)
  • LafargeHolcim (7.55%)
  • Burckhardt (6.65%)
  • Arbonia (6.27%)
  • U-Blox (6.26%)
  • OC Oerlikon (6.2%)
  • Credit Suisse (5.98%)
  • Rieter (5.92%)
  • Meyer Burger (4.99%)
  • Sulzer (3.7%)
  • AMS (2.05%)
  • Cash and cash equivalents in Swiss francs (1.61%)  


Jan Schwalbe, Editor-in-Chief of Finanz und Wirtschaft: «We're delighted that we can launch an investment product on the market together with our partner Leonteq that allows our readers to benefit optimally from our know-how with a minimal investment of just CHF 100. We found it particularly important to offer a very attractive and transparent product in view of its cost structure.»   


More information about the product 

Michele Paparone, Communication Manager Tamedia,
+41 44 248 41 92,     

​About Finanz und Wirtschaft
Every day at and twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday in printed format, Finanz und Wirtschaft provides private and institutional investors with well-founded advice to help them take investment decisions. Switzerland's largest business editorial team reports on what is happening on the global financial markets, comments on events and trends, analyses companies and manages the most comprehensive data service of all Swiss newspapers. With a circulation of 22,701 (WEMF 2018), Finanz und Wirtschaft is read by 87,000 (MACH Basic 2018-2) people.    

About Leonteq
Leonteq AG is a Swiss company active in the finance and technology sector with a focus on the structured products segment. Based on proprietary, high-powered, modern technology, the company offers products and services related to derivative investment products and predominantly covers the capital protection, yield enhancement and participation product classes. This means Leonteq AG acts as both a direct issuer of its own products and as a partner to other financial institutions.

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