Rate Card

The Zürichsee-Zeitung offers versatile advertising options at easy to calculate prices, either on its own or in combination with other newspaper titles.


Separate multicoloured bound section with editorial text, images and PR articles

Specials Publication Format  
Taxes / fiduciary services 02.02.19 Tabloid
Spring / summer fashion 12.03.19 Separate binding
Geneva Motor Show 12.03.19 Separate binding
Outdoor leisure 30.03.19 Tabloid
Garden (spring) 09.04.19 Separate binding
Energy efficiency 22.06.19 Tabloid
Summer riddle fun 06.07.19 Tabloid
Final apprenticeship examination 19.07.19 Separate binding
Education 17.08.19 Tabloid
Autumn / winter fashion 10.09.19 Separate binding
Garden (autumn) 01.10.19 Separate binding
Beautiful homes 26.10.19 Tabloid
Christmas shopping 07.12.19 Tabloid

Special pages

Theme-based design on one or several pages

Special pages Publication  
Outdoor restaurants 14.06.19

Collective bodies

Specially designed ad pages are created in consistent colour for free

Collective bodies Publication  
Gastronomy pages, good food 12x per year (every Monday)
Der Feinschmecker [The Gourmet] 6x / year (every two months)


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