Zürcher Unterländer (Neues Bülacher Tagblatt)

Rate Card

"The Zürcher Unterländer offers versatile advertising options at easy to calculate prices, either on its own or in combination with other newspaper titles."

Special inserts

Separate multicoloured bound section with editorial text, images and PR articles

Special inserts Frequency of publication  
Automobile Special 1x in spring
Building and Living 2x in spring and autumn
Fashion trends 2x in spring and autumn
Christmas Contest 2x November and December
Building Reportages  

Special pages

Theme-based design on one or several pages

Special pages Frequency of publication  
A la Carte im Unterland 12x Friday
Beer gardens 3x Wednesday (Summer)
Restaurant opening times 1x Thursday (December)
Automobile Emotion 12x Thursday large print-run
Latest Automobile News 52x Thursday large print-run
Building and Living 12x Tuesday
Specialist cycling retailer 3x Thursday (spring/winter)
Taxes 3x Thursday (January/February/March)
Apprenticeship certificate/congratulations 1x Thursday (July)
Bülach trade 12x Thursday
New Year greetings 1x Thursday (December 19)
Open apprenticeships 1x Thursday (end of August)
Dielsdorf trade page 12x Thursday
Open Sunday in Embrachertal 1x Thursday (November)
Riddle fun 04.07.2019
Quality living for him and her! 12x Wednesday/Thursday
You’re important to us! 12x Wednesday/Thursday


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Zürcher Unterländer (Neues Bülacher Tagblatt)

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