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Technical information

Print process: cover/content: Web-offset prtinting, 70-grid, 4/4 colour EURO scale (no Pantone colours). Ink coverage not more than 270%. Repro data by prior agreement.
Print documents: only digital documents are accepted. The preferred file format for supplying data is as a PDF file in PDF/X-3 standard. Use ICC profile PSO_ic_eci.
Order information: Name of magazine, first publication date/issue no, advert subject, format and chromaticity
Data delivery: Formats with edge bleed must be delivered with 3mm bleed per outer edge. All data transmitted must include the title, issue number, customer’s name and a keyword related to the subject(e.g.: TVtäglich15_Kunde_Stichwort.pdf)
print-ready digital templates: PDF format: PDF/X-3 (settings available at, Fonts: PostScript type, 1 fonts, OpenType fonts, no TrueType fonts, Image resolution: 300 dpi.
Format/Status: the document size should correspond to the correct status of the advertising space purchased.
Data transfer: By e-mail:
You can find the advertising conditions on our website at:


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