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Tribune des Arts, which is distributed in carrier titles such as the Tribune de Genève and Finanz und Wirtschaft, offers you a range of different ways to make your advertisement stand out thanks to its special topical features.


Higher print run
Special issues, higher print run, enclosed with the Tribune de Genève and 24 heures Lausanne.
National issue published in French and German, enclosed with 24 heures / Lausanne, Tribune de Genève and Finanz und Wirtschaft.

Topic Type Factsheet Publication date Closing date for ads: normal Closing date for ads: Top placements* Material Due
SIHH Special issue   14.01.19 10.12.18 03.12.18 17.12.18
Watchmaking Special issue   20.03.19 20.02.19 13.02.19 27.02.19
Auctions & Sailing Standard issue   03.05.19 05.04.19 29.03.19 12.04.19
Art Basel Standard issue   07.06.19 10.05.19 03.05.19 17.05.19
Jewellery Standard issue Learn more 13.09.19 16.08.19 09.08.19 23.08.19
40th Anniversary TDA & Auctions Standard issue Learn more 01.11.19 04.10.19 27.09.19 11.10.19
Luxe, Lifestyle & Celebrations National issue   06.12.19 08.11.19 01.11.19 15.11.19

Subject to change


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