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Tribune des Arts, which is distributed in carrier titles such as the Tribune de Genève and Finanz und Wirtschaft, offers you a range of different ways to make your advertisement stand out thanks to its special topical features.

Standard issues

  • Four editions per year in French
  • for Tribune de Genève subscribers
  • 33 566 copies

Special issues SIHH and Baselworld

  • January and March editions in French
  • extra circulation with Tribune de Genève and 24 heures (Lausanne)
  • additional distribution at trade fairs (500 copies at SIHH & 2,500 copies at Baselworld)
  • 57 288 copies

National issue

  • December edition
  • in German with Finanz und Wirtschaft
  • in French with Tribune de Genève and 24 heures (Lausanne)
  • Targeted distribution in Lucerne and Interlaken
  • 79 789 copies

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Tribune des Arts

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