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Choose from the wide range of advertising possibilities offered by the Tribune de Genève to reach the inhabitants of the second largest city in Switzerland.

Rates for real estate category

Monday to Friday

Classified ads Edition Format Rate b/w Rate colour(s)  
Real estate Mon–Fri 1 col. 20 mm to 10 col. 360 mm* 1.98 3.90
Business-related classified ads charged by the word   min. 10 words 3.30  

*Min. height 20 mm and max. height 360 mm or height of page.
Colour ads: min. 100 mm charged.

  • Placement request: 20% surcharge.

Classified ad column formats in mm

Columns 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
mm 26 55 84 114 143 172 202 231 - 290

Insertion deadlines

Day of publication Deadline
Monday Friday 08.30 am
Tuesday Monday 08.30 am
Wednesday Tuesday 8.30 am
Jeudi Wednesday 8.30 am
Friday Thursday 8.30 am


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