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Choose from the wide range of advertising possibilities offered by the Tribune de Genève to reach the inhabitants of the second largest city in Switzerland.

Classified ads

Surcharge for ad in the Thursday Employment supplement of Tribune de Genève and 24 heures

Classified ads Type of issue Edition Format Rate b/w/colour(s)  
Job vacancy ad All issues Jeudi 1 col. 20 mm to 10 col. 360* 3.90/mm  
1/1 page All issues Jeudi 290 x 440 mm** 13 420 Specs

*Minimum height 20 mm and maximum height 360 mm or height of page (410 mm). Colour ads: minimum 100 mm charged.
**1/1 page under 290 x 410 mm banner header.
Placement request: 20% surcharge.
Gross prices in Swiss francs, excluding 7.7% VAT.

Fixed placements

Surcharge for ad in the Thursday Employment supplement of Tribune de Genève and 24 heures

Fixed placements Type of issue Edition MM format Rate b/w/colour(s)  
Right-hand corner of front cover All issues Jeudi 54 x 50 1 150 Specs
Banner on front cover All issues Jeudi 290 x 100 4 680 Specs
Title field All issues Jeudi 94 x 100 1 880 Specs

Gross prices in Swiss francs, excluding 7.7% VAT.

Classified ad column formats in mm

Columns 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
mm 26 55 84 114 143 172 202 231 - 290

Classified ads charged by the word

Price Privilege (per publication)
Business ads min. 10 words 3.30 per Word + VAT. +CHF 50 + VAT.
Private min. 10 words 1.50 per Word including VAT. +CHF 50 including VAT.

Price in CHF, excl. VAT. The Tamedia SA terms and conditions apply. Tamedia reserves the right to request an advance payment for certain advertisement categories, and for any orders under CHF 28. For private individuals, Tamedia SA will charge an additional CHF 5 for any invoices between CHF 29 and CHF 1,000. The commercial rate applies to the Services category.

Schedule topic employment

Rédactionnel en Une du supplément emploi et placement des annonces "thématiques" en début de cahier.
Délai d'insertion et remise des documents: mardi 12 h

Day of publication Theme
31.01.19 Cadre
07.02.19 Medical, paramedical and social
14.03.19 Building
04.04.19 Cadre
23.05.19 Cadre
06.06.19 Medical, paramedical and social
29.08.19 Building
12.09.19 Cadre
03.10.19 Watchmaking
07.11.19 Learning
14.11.19 Cadre

The ideal complement to your printed advert.
Increase the visibility of your advert and improve your chances of finding the ideal candidate by placing your advert on the website at a very low price.

Value of your printed advert online supplement  
CHF 1 and CHF 499 20
CHF 500 and CHF 999 50
CHF 1 000 and CHF 1 999 100
CHF 2 000 or over 200

Gross prices in Swiss francs, excluding 7.7% VAT.


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