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Digital Campaign Discount

Gross Discount
from CHF 10 000 3%
from CHF 20 000 5%
from CHF 30 000 7%
from CHF 50 000 9%
from CHF 70 000 11%
from CHF 100 000 13%
from CHF 130 000 15%
from CHF 175 000 17%
from CHF 225 000 on request

Special discounts

Education 12%
Events 30%
Charitable institutions (ZEWO certified) 50%

Agency commission

5 % for commercial advertising. All prices are quoted gross in CHF, excluding VAT.


Publication on the front page cannot be guaranteed every day. There may be interruptions due to Branding Day, fixed placements or similar promotional materials.

Surcharges on CPM

Expandable Ads plus 30%
Retargeting plus CHF 5
Geotargeting plus CHF 5
Format Cube plus CHF 5
Ad Spot formats (except Sitebar) plus CHF 5


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