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Format Bleed format* (W x H in mm) Rate b/w or colour(s)  
National offer Bilan Finanz und Wirtschaft  
2/1 pages 426 x 280 37 650 17 400 26 880 Specs
2 x 1/2 page 426 x 137 28 450 13 400 20 100 Specs
Pull-out with inside cover + page 3 426 x 280 43 800 - - Specs

*Full bleed: + 5 mm of cutting/cropping on the outer edges.
Guaranteed print placements: Surcharge of 20% of gross price.
All rates in Swiss Francs, VAT (7.7%) not included.

Special Formats

Before an ad can be published, it must be approved by the editorial team and deemed feasible from a technical standpoint. Creative formats require advance notice. Actual prices may vary from those that are listed. The placements here are provided for illustrative purposes only.

Format Gross price  
Fan (approx. 4 pages) Price on request
Butterfly (2 pages) Price on request
Opening with the back of the cover and page 3 (2 pages) 43 800
Cover page Gatefolder (2 pages) 82 900

Gross price in CHF, excl. VAT


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