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Le Matin Dimanche is the only Sunday newspaper in French-speaking Switzerland to offer a range of different communication possibilities.

Special Formats

Before an ad can be published, it must be approved by the editorial team and deemed feasible from a technical standpoint. Creative formats require advance notice. Actual prices may vary from those that are listed. The placements here are provided for illustrative purposes only.

Special Formats Price  
Extra cover page (headline) and inside cover Price on request  
Fake cover panorama on pages 2 and 3 Price on request  
Cut-out ad Price on request  
Post-it Price on request  
Satellite ads* 29/mm  
Additional booklet Price on request  
½ page centred across two pages* 42 680  

*Excl. first section.
Gross prices in Swiss francs, excluding 7.7% VAT.


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Le Matin Dimanche

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