Rate Card Furttaler & Rümlanger

Your advert will appear in both the Furttaler and the Rümlanger. Take advantage of the range of advertising options.

Price in mm

Local rates for advertisers with their headquarters in the distribution area only.

Format   Local Switzerland  
Format b/w 4 colours b/w 4 colours  
Insert advertisements   0.92 1.17 1.08 1.33
Job vacancy ad   1.05 1.05 1.22 1.22
Real estate   1.05 1.05 1.22 1.22
Text follow-on (1 text contact) only 10 cols., min. 90 mm, max. 220 mm or 2/4/6 cols. x 440 mm 1.12 1.42 1.32 1.65
Adverts (2 text contacts) even number of columns only, min. 30 mm high, max. 8 cols. x 300 mm 1.51 1.96 1.62 2.19

Gross price in CHF, excl. VAT


Special “Focus on companies in the local region”
The “Furttaler” publishes full-page advertorials by interested companies based in the distribution area. The text and design of these company profiles are prepared in association with the featured firms. These PR articles count as advertising and are published outside the editorial section. Price reduction for finished print templates. Different layout/font to editorial pages. Please call us for details.

Format   Local Switzerland  
Format (W x H in mm) b/w 4 colours b/w 4 colours  
1/1 page 296 x 440 3 200 3 700 3 700 4 250
1/2 page horizontal 296 x 218 1 730 2 000 2 000 2 300

Net price in CHF, excl. VAT

Loose inserts

Third-party ads contained in inserts will incur a charge per subject/page of 20% of the rate for a four-colour page. Split runs are possible in the Furttaler or Rümlanger on request.

Weight Price per 1 000 copies Quantity required Charged copies Price Total  
up to 50 grams 350 21 600 19 989 6 800 Show the specifications
up to 100 grams 450 21 600 19 989 8 720 Show the specifications

Gross price in CHF, excl. VAT


The Sticker is a sticky note measuring 76 x 76 mm with a self-adhesive strip, available in up to eight colours, fully printable on both sides and customisable as required. Coupon notes (perforated Sticker) are available in the same dimensions and in various special shapes.

Description Local Switzerland  
Standard format 76 x 76 mm, printed on both sides from 3 640 from 3 850

Gross price in CHF, excl. VAT


The Zürcher Unterländer has combination options at a reduced fee. Just ask your customer advisor.


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