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Finanz und Wirtschaft offers versatile advertising options at easy to calculate prices and customised complete solutions for printed and digital media.


Printing: Cold-set offset Colors
Colors: 4 colours (scale colours)(special colors have to be based on 4 colors)
Screen: 48 lines
Resolution: 245 dpi
Paper Standard: Newspaper Print, 45 g/m2
Proofs Colour: proof on newsprint, in print direction with measuring strip
Coverage: incl. grey balance: Lithos approx 220–240 % (C50 %, M40 %, Y40 %)
CMS: Newspaper profile on request
Data transmission:

Booking deadline / Copy deadline

Booking deadline wednesday edition: 9 am Monday / Copy deadline wednesday edition: 5 pm Monday / Booking deadline saturday edition: 9 am Thursday / Copy deadline Saturday edition: 5 pm Thursday / Send ads to: Phone +41 44 248 58 11,


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