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Der Landbote offers versatile advertising options at easy to calculate prices, either on its own or in combination with other newspaper titles.
The rate cards from the previous year cannot be downloaded.

Tamedia general franc settlement discount

Applicable to all Tamedia Advertising titles.
All the printed media titles from Tamedia Advertising will be cumulated, with the exception of Metropool Andockmodul laRegione and Stellen-Nordost.
Not cumulative with repeat order rebates. Death notices, marketplace, personal sections and eroticism as well as printing orders, technical costs such as typesetting or reproduction work, services such as delivery of special receipts, internet entry are not eligible for a franc settlement discount.

CHF from Discount CHF from Discount
3 000 2% 2 000 000 12%
9 000 3% 2 500 000 13%
20 000 4% 3 000 000 14%
40 000 5% 3 500 000 15%
80 000 6% 4 000 000 16%
160 000 7% 4 500 000 17%
320 000 8% 5 000 000 18%
640 000 9% 5 500 000 19%
1 000 000 10% 6 000 000 20%
1 500 000 11%    

Repeat order discounts

Apply to orders placed at the same time without a change in size, for delivery within 12 months.
Design and text changes are possible for complete drafts of ads.
Not cumulative with Tamedia general franc settlement discounts. Repeat order rebates only apply to single titles.

Repetition Discount
2 3%
3 5%
6 10%
13 12%
26 15%
39 17%
48 20%

Agency commission

Applied to the net price. For advertising and media agencies entitled to commission. Death notices, marketplace, personal sections and eroticism do not qualify for agency commission; all other sections only qualify for agency commission on delivery of full templates. If a foreign advertising agency requests a commission of 15%, the gross advertising price is increased 12%.

Description Discount
Agency commission 5%

Annual sales bonus (ASB) 1

For BDO-certified clients. No agency commission or broker commission. Annual sales bonus (ASB) is only granted on commercial advertisements, not on classified ads.

Description Discount
ASB 1 5%

Charitable institutions

Applied to the gross price. Charitable institutions ZEWO-certified only. No agency commission, no further discounts.

Description Discount
Charitable institutions 50%


Description Zusschlag
Required placement, satellites and multi-angled (from net) 20%
Box Charges per order CHF 30
Surcharge Allmedia per advertisement from 3 columns CHF 19
Surcharge Allmedia per advertisement from 4 columns CHF 39
Paper invoice
You can switch to free invoicing via email at any time:
Billing by email without charge

Delivery of receipts

Description Surcharges
Full proof domestic (per mailing) CHF 10
Full proof international (per mailing) CHF 20
Page proof domestic / international (per mailing) CHF 5
Additional proofs on request
e-Vouching without charge

Costs of layout

Description Surcharges
Simple layout CHF 30 incl. 1 set of proofs (digital)
Individual layout CHF 60 incl. 1 set of proofs (digital)
Corrections Charged at an hourly rate
Hourly rate CHF 85 per ½ hour, CHF 170 per hour
Each additional proof approval CHF 10

Digitised advertisements

Your newspaper advertisement will also appear on all online channels. As well as being published on our website,, and via our smartphone and tablet apps, the ads will also be appear in the e-paper and in a separate form that includes a link to your website. We charge CHF 19 for print ads of up to 3 columns and CHF 39 for ads of 4 columns or more for these enticing additional services.


Tamedia reserves the right to request an advance payment for certain advertisement categories:
New and foreign clients, eroticism/fortune telling/life coaching/liquidations


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