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24 heures will make sure you reach your communication objectives thanks to its wide range of advertising options and unmissable topical features.

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  Only for*** Publication Closing date for ads Height in mm min. max. Total circulation
Rate colour(s)
Gastronomy* Restaurants + hotels Friday Previous Tuesday 12 pm Levels of 25 mm 50 200 2.55/mm
Sortir** Culture Jeudi Previous Thursday 12 am       2.67/mm
Sortir** Shops Jeudi Previous Thursday 12 am       5.08/mm

*Placed format: 4 col. (94 mm) – 7 col. (192 mm) – 10 col. (290 mm)
**Placed format: 2 col. (45 mm) x 75 mm, max 10 col. (290 mm) x 150 mm - height 75 or 150 mm. Deadline: 12 noon on the Thursday prior to publication.
***Offers valid for certain industries specified by Tamedia SA.
Gross prices in Swiss francs, excluding 7.7% VAT.

Publireportage gastro

A journalist will help you create your own advertorial. The photo must be provided by the advertiser. Advertorials: editorial/production fees included in the price. Repeat ad discounts or discounts on global revenue apply (excluding fees associated with advertorials).

  Only for Publication Width x height in mm Total circulation
Rate colour(s)
1/2 page Restaurants + hotels Friday 290 x 200 mm 6 100
1/4 page Restaurants + hotels Friday 290 x 100 mm 3 050
1/6 page Restaurants + hotels Friday 192 x 100 mm 2 135

Gross prices in Swiss francs, excluding 7.7% VAT.


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