24 heures

Founded in 1762 as «Feuille d'avis de Lausanne», 24 heures is nowadays the leading daily newspaper in the canton of Vaud. Its journalists provide a comprehensive, independant and committed national and international news coverage in politics, economy, and society - and offer orientiation in an ever changing dynamic region. The regionally anchored newspaper stays in line with regional trends due to its intensive dialogue with its readership.

Et et


This joint supplement issued with both 24 heures and the Tribune de Genève is devoted to job seeking throughout the Lake Geneva region. Published every Thursday.

Et et

Real estate

This supplement has become a benchmark for buying and renting property in the canton of Vaud. Published every Wednesday.

Et et


This supplement casts new light on the worlds of professional training, languages, private training institutes, universities of applied sciences and learning for leisure. Published around ten times a year.

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Stéphanie Bodmer Brulhart

Stéphanie Bodmer Brulhart

Head of Advertising / Médias régionaux romands

+41 21 349 42 14