Advertising options

tSocial offers three advertising packages, each comprising three types of advertising

Social Branded

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With the ‘Social Branded’ package, the tSocial team prepares the content that you have produced so that it is tailored to your target audience, and shares it via the Tamedia network.

Social Native

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This is tSocial’s full-service package. In consultation with you, the team handles the design, creation, preparation and distribution of your advertising. Unlike the ‘Social Branded’ package, where the focus is on the product or service, with ‘Social Native’ the editorial content takes centre stage.


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The ‘Re-post’ package gives you the opportunity to use the far-reaching social media platform of Tamedia’s media brands as a springboard. This involves taking posts that you have already sent out and re-sharing them within the Tamedia network.

Types of advertising

Quizzes, surveys, listicles and other interactive elements can be implemented for all three types of advertising on request.


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Link posts are one of the most popular ways of reaching advertising targets through social media channels. This is where a teaser is shared on the appropriate media brand platforms and profiles, linking to a ‘Branded’ or ‘Native’ article. The advantage of this type of advertising is that it shares the advertising message through editorial content with which the user engages directly.

Bild | Meme | GIF

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The sharing of images, memes and GIFs has become one of the most popular types of social media advertising. User interaction with the respective post is particularly high here.


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The sharing of videos has emerged as one of the most successful types of advertising overall, enjoying the highest rates of reach and interaction.

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