Tamedia’s entire digital advertising inventory is available not only on traditional channels but also for automated purchase, making it the largest Adexchange in Switzerland, with a reach of over 75%.

Advertisers can programmatically reserve individual pages (ROS) or the Tamedia Network (RON) via the open marketplace (OpenRTB).

Additional placements, individual sections on specific pages, e.g. “News” and “Sport”, or combined Tamedia Network Channels, such as “News & Editorial” and “Classified”, can also be accessed via a private marketplace (PMP/Deal IDs), as can various “audience targetings”.

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The following are not permitted:

  • Religious & spiritual advertisingAudio Autoplay-Werbemittel
  • Audio autoplay advertising material
  • Expandable ads
  • Provocative or suggestive images
  • Text or text/image advertising material
  • Surveys
  • Highly animated, flashing, flickering advertising material etc.
  • Illegal advertising that violates Swiss legislation
  • Prohibited use of logos or brand names belonging to Tamedia and/or one of its subsidiaries without prior written consent

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