How can I buy advertising space from Tamedia programmatically?

The digital Tamedia inventory is available via Google Ad Exchange and AppNexus to all programmatic buyers who want to make a purchase via a Demand Side Platform (DSP).

What is the advantage of a deal in relation to an open RTB with regard to the Tamedia AG inventory?

Our websites can only be reserved on a run-of-site (or run-of-network for the Tamedia network) and semi-blind basis via Open RTB. This means that the buyer only sees the pages on which the ad will be placed without visualising the exact sub-pages and sections. It is essential for clients who want to reserve channels or data segments to use deals.

Who do I contact if I want to make a purchase via deals?

Please contact our sales or send an e-mail to

What information do we need as publishers?

  • The ID and the name of the DSP in the Google Ad Exchange and App Nexus
  • The desired formats
  • The desired placements (websites/channel)
  • Languages of the deals
  • The desired data segments.

Which branding formats can be purchased programmatically?

Large-scale formats such as half-page ads (300x600) and wideboards (994x250). Poster ads (desktop & mobile) and sitebar ads (desktop) are also available programmatically.

What are the most common reasons why a deal does not result in any or too few ad impressions?

  • Many auctions are lost because the bid is too low.
  • Only a few formats are used, which is why bids are only considered for certain auctions.
  • The creatives offered do not correspond to the sizes specified in the deal.
  • The bids do not originate from the seat stored in the deal.

Who do I contact if I have any problems with deals?

In this case, please contact

Where does the data come from that Tamedia AG uses for targeting?

Tamedia’s own first-party data is stored for all data deals sold. Data is collected on the Tamedia websites in anonymous form only before being combined into data pools.