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General Guidelines

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Delivery deadlines
Standard formats: 3 working days before the start of the campaign.
Special formats: 5 working days before the start of the campaign.

Number of subjects
Max. 3 subjects allowed for physical delivery.
For more subjects, a third-party tag must be supplied.
The replacement of physical subjects during an ongoing campaign is only permitted in exceptional cases.

There are no limits on the length of the animation within an advertising banner. However, the recommended maximum length is 30 seconds.

Activation only through user interaction.

Flash files are not permitted.


  • All third-party tags, tag-in-tags and references in an HTML5 file must be delivered via SSL (https://).
  • HTML5
  • The maximum weight (according to the specifications) refers to all files together, in unzipped state.
  • The target URL and tracking must be stored in the HTML5 banner.
  • The target URL must be opened in a new tab (target=‘_blank’).
  • It must be possible to perform advert tests locally in the browser.
  • UTF-8 encoding
    Special characters that are not displayed correctly in the browser with UTF-8 must be encoded manually (for example, ä instead of ä).
  • References in adverts to external resources (JS libraries, videos, fonts) must be supplied in SSL (https://) format.

General information

  • A prompt start to the campaign is only guaranteed if delivery deadlines are observed.
  • The advertiser is responsible for advertising media working smoothly.
  • A campaign may be suspended if it does not meet the specifications.

Datenanlieferung & Termine

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Standardformate: 3 Arbeitstage vor Kampagnenstart.
Spezialformate: 5 Arbeitstage vor Kampagnenstart.


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994 x 250 pixel (Wideboard) / 300 x 600 pixel (Halfpage) / 960 x 800 pixel (Poster-Ad) / 468 x 400 pixel (Monsterboard) (only 20minuten/tio) / 300×250 pixel (Rectangle) (Not available on 20minuten/tio)
File size: Wideboard, Halfpage, Monsterboard, Rectangle each max. 70 KB / Poster Ad max. 200 KB
File format: HTML5, GIF, JPEG, 3rd Party Tag, Tag in Tag
File format Poster Ad: GIF, JPEG, PNG 

The background ad can be seen behind the page in addition to a brandday.
Mass: 1920 x 1080 pixel
File size: max 150 KB
File formats: JPEG

Important Points:
No advertising messages, texts or pictures. If these specifications are not adhered to, a perfect representation is not guaranteed. The background image or the coloring of the background is there to support the Brandday in color, but not to transport information. Depending on the browser size, the background is no longer fully visible. It is not technically feasible to always keep the background visible. We recommend integrating important messages into the advertising media. The desired background color must be supplied as hex code. (Ex: # CB0D33)

20 Minuten: the ad is placed 31px below the top of the screen.


For GIF and JPEG: 640 x 320 pixel
For 3rd Party Tag, Tag in Tag and HTML5: 320 x 160 pixel
The images behind the HTML5 ads/tags should be double the size (see specifications for GIF and JPEG). Otherwise the ad will be displayed in lower resolution.
File size: max. 60 KB

For GIF and JPEG: 600 x 500 pixel
For 3rd Party Tag, Tag in Tag and HTML5: 300 x 250 Pixel
The images behind the HTML5 ads/tags should be double the size (600 x 500 pixels). Otherwise the ad will be displayed in lower resolution.
File size: max. 80 KB

320 x 415 pixel
File size : max 50 KB
Display time: max 7 seconds 

Mobile file formats: GIF, JPEG, 3rd Party Tag, Tag in Tag, HTML5

Important Points:
Integration of Clickcommand and web beacons are possible in all formats
The developer is responsible for the performance of the advertisement. We cannot optimise with regard to loading times and smooth playback
The close button must not be included in promotional material. This is delivered via our ad server
For non-physical delivery (no GIF or JPEG), the rotation function in the creation of the iPad interstitials must be integrated

General guidelines

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