General Print Specifications

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Technical Specifications
Printing process – Cover: Web-fed offset
Printing process – Content: Web-fed offset
Grid width: 60 grid pattern
Point format: Ellipse
Printing tonal range: 2% to 98%
Maximum surface coverage: 300%
Grey balance/tonal range gain: ProzessStandard offset printing ISO 12647-2, type 3 paper
Digital printing proof: Based on ISO 12647-7 with UGRA/ FOGRA Media wedge 3.0 in compli ance with the tolerances listed in the standard.
Proof simulation – Content: PSO LWC Standard (FOGRA 46)
Paper: 65 g/m2 LWC standard matt (Perlentop satin)

Printer Data
All printing material must be supplied in digital form. The supply of data as a PDF file is regarded as standard and is preferred over other file formats.

Data Delivery
All data files transmitted to us must indicate the title and order numbers (i.e.: Friday_AB_Nummer.pdf). The material deadline is Thursday before publication at 14:00.

Print-ready digital artwork
PDF files in PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3, PDF/X-4 format
Compliant with ISO 15930-7 standard
All image, vector and text elements in CMYK
Trim marks
3 mm bleed off on all sides
Image resolution: 300 dpi
Text and picture elements that may not be trimmed must be situated 8 mm from the format edge.
Type area placement: outside 14 mm, inside 14 mm, upper 20 mm, lower 14 mm
Text and picture elements that extend into the centre may become illegible due to folding differences of up to 2 mm. Minimum distance: 8 mm.

Data Transmission
(no size restrictions for email attachments)
Post/courier: 20 Minuten AG, Druckmaterial, Werdstrasse 21, Postfach, 8021 Zurich

Completeness check
We require a binding printing proof to carry out a completeness check. If this is not made available to us when the data file is submitted, we can assume no liability for correct implementation of the file in print.

Specifications for inserts



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Deadline 3 weeks before publication.

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Format (W x H in mm)

Type area: 182 x 246 each
Bleed format:   210 x 280 each
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Bound insert

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Up to 15 g
16 – 25 g
26 – 35 g
36 – 49 g
50 – 74 g
75 – 94 g

Format (W x H in mm)

Type area: 182 x 246
Bleed format:   210 x 280

Specifications for inserts

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