General Print Specifications

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E-Mail – Compress the data to avoid damages during data transfer – no size restrictions for attachments

20 Minuten AG, Druckmaterial, Werdstrasse 21, Postfach, 8021 Zurich – The submission must arrive before the advertising deadline!

For advertisements that must be created by our advertising graphic design department, we ask that you submit the unformatted advertising text as a Word document together with logos and images of good quality as a separate file. You will receive a “ready-to-print” copy of these advertisements. If we do not receive a timely response from you, the “ready-to-print” version will be used. This service is charged based on the time and effort involved.

All print materials must be submitted as a complete digital file (high-resolution PDF)*. No complaints regarding print quality will be accepted for paper or film documents that need to be scanned. To avoid mix-ups, we ask that you label your print material with the 20 Minuten order number.

Changes to print materials are only possible before the advertising deadline and after discussing it with the advertising department. The print docu­mentation must be labelled with the new order number. Please submit only one design or order per document/file. Please use CD-ROMs if possible with copies of your data to submit your data. No data submissions will be returned!

*Please contact us by email for current specifications and more detailed information:


20 Minuten Advertising deadlines

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Publication day Advertising deadline With "ready-to-print" approval
Monday Thursday (14.00) Wednesday (14.00)
Tuesday Friday (14.00) Thursday (14.00)
Wednesday Monday (14.00) Friday (14.00)
Thursday Tuesday (14.00) Monday (14.00)
Friday Wednesday (14.00) Tuesday (14.00)
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Insert advertisements

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Insert advertisements are ads that are placed opposite an editorial page together with other advertisements.

Formats insert advertisements (W x H in mm):

2/1 pages pano 440 x 280
1/1 page 210 x 280
1/2 page horizontal  210 x 138
1/2 page vertical 103 x 280
1/4 page block 103 x 138
1/8 page vertical 50 x 138
1/8 page horizontal 103 x 65
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Display ad

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Display ads require either the entire page height (max. 103 mm wide) or the entire page width (max. 138 mm high). The positioning of the display ads on the editorial pages depends on the current guidelines of each editor. Minimum height of 50 mm.

Formats display ads (W x H in mm):

1/2 page pano 440 x 138
1/2 page horizontal   210 x 138
1/2 page vertical 103 x 280
1/3 page horizontal 210 x 91
1/4 page horizontal 210 x 68
1/4 page block 103 x 138
1/5 page vertical 39 x 280
2/5 page vertical 82 x 280
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Advertisements are surrounded by a minimum of two pages of editorial text. Aside from special placements, advertisements are placed at the bottom of an editorial page.

Max. height: 138 mm.
Min. height for 1 column: 75 mm.
Min. height for 2 to 4 columns: 50 mm.

1 column= 39 mm
2 columns= 82 mm
3 columns= 125 mm
4 columns= 168 mm

Column ad

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Column ads are compiled into full-page ads that usually form side-by-side ad pages in the second half of the newspaper.

Column Publication day
Education Daily
Marketplace Daily
Events Thursday, Friday
Job vacancy Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Property Tuesday, Thursday
Only F-CH  
Finances Daily
Consulations, Voyance   Daily

How advertising prices are calculated:
Number of columns x height of ad in mm
(+ 2 mm white space) x price per mm = gross price per publication.
1. You must decide on one of the numbers of columns.
2. You may choose an ad height between a minimum of 20 mm and a maximum
of 280 mm.
3. You select the edition in which your
ad will appear.

Practical example:
Your column ad is 100 mm wide = 4 columns (103 mm)
Your column ad is 100 mm high = 100 
Rate for placement in the national edition is CHF 20.60 per mm
4 columns x 100 mm x CHF 20.60 = CHF 8,240 gross, excl. VAT

2 columns = 50 mm
4 columns = 103 mm
6 columns = 156 mm
8 columns = 210 mm

Fix-Formats column ad (W x H in mm):

1/2 page horizontal 210 x 138
1/2 page vertical 103 x 280
1/4 page block  103 x 132
1/8 page vertical 50 x 132
1/8 page horizontal 103 x 65
1/16 page horizontal 103 x 31
1/16 page block   50 x 65

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