Tamedia Audience is the targeting product from Tamedia. It is designed for implementing attractive online marketing measures tailored to specific target groups. Ever since early 2016, Tamedia has offered its customers the option to address target groups based on interest and intent data. Since 17 November 2016, socio-demographic data has also been taken into account by Tamedia Audience: now we can also offer age and gender-specific targeting.

Users of Tamedia offers will receive advertising that is relevant to them. This enables Tamedia to improve the media experience even further for consumers. Advertising that really hits the mark!

Your advertising customers can accurately target the audience of their choice. Wastage is avoided, and the advertising message goes directly to the customer. Only hard data is incorporated into the offer. It is aimed at users of the various Tamedia portals who have registered accordingly. This extremely precise data pool is the only one of its kind, and can only be controlled via Tamedia.


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