Find your target group with Tamedia Audience

Tamedia Audience is a targeting product for online campaigns. The Data Management Platform (DMP) detects user data, evaluates and assigns it to specific segments. For example, a user interacting with a Tamedia Network website is allocated to an audience segment and a related ad appears. Advertisers reach a maximum range within their target group and the Tamedia sites users benefit from more relevant ads tailored to their needs.

Your benefit

The ultimate in high-quality data

Guaranteed by our own unique factual data, with no interpretations or predictions.

Premium environment

Delivery only to Tamedia's premium sites.

High reach

Large data volume across the whole Tamedia network, with over 17 million UCs in all.

Fewer uncompleted purchases

The right target group for every age group and gender.

Improved performance

Your advertisement is effective, as it only reaches users who have already expressed interest.

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